About us

Our company today
UNITEK Industrie Elektronik GmbH (power electronics) under one roof and in close cooperation with LABOD electronic GmbH & Co. (CNC controls) and LNT-Automation GmbH (SMD production and development). UNITEK develop and produce power electronics for electromotive drives of different technique from 200W to 800kW. More than 300 units a month are produced according to the internal guidelines for quality assurance. Good quality is guaranteed due to qualified staff and optimal conditions. Basis is the ISO standard 9001:2000. It is our guideline that quality should begin with the development and construction process and realized with the production. Finally the units’ quality is checked and confirmed by the quality control. Our development department works closely with LABOD electronic CNC controls. This cooperation results in optimal drives with a consistent software for machines and vehicles.

Our company in future
With our internal business organization, our highly motivated personal, and our fully developed scope of units we can positively look ahead. We are developing new units made up to customer’s specifications as well as general products for the drive systems in machines, installations, and vehicles, and for the field of alternative energy technology. The technique of existing units is constantly updated. Contrary to the general tendency on the market UNITEK will continue to attend to the product maintenance and support services for thyristor motor drives for dc motors.

UNITEK Industrie Elektronik GmbH will also in future act for our customers according to our guiding principle ‘intelligence and power’ in the field of research, development, and production.

The UNITEK service department also check and repair LABOD Electronic motor drives. In case a unit cannot be repaired, we offer alternative UNITEK units. Many of third party control units which are no longer available or which cannot be repaired can be substituted by analogue UNITEK units. Easy installation and commissioning, quick support with competent information – that’s UNITEK service.

We get things moving
UNITEK products are used for: machine tools, plant engineering, welding technique, handling systems, paper manufacture, cutting technique, test equipment, cardboard manufacture, wire fabrication, semi-conductor industry, packing industry, ceramics manufacture, pc board processing, logistics, wood machining, cleaning equipment, heat engineering, sheet metal forming, vehicles, medical technology, stone machining, wind power technology, safety equipment, plastics processing, solar power technology, food processing machines and many more machines and installations.

Company history

  • 2007 Digital inverters for power engineering
  • 2006 Digital servo-drives and BAMOBIL 3rd generation (universal technique for EC, AC, and DC motors)
  • 2005 Focus on the development and final assembly, part production at LNT
  • 2004 Digital BAMOBIL-D3
  • 2002 Digital servo-drive 2nd generation
  • 2000 Battery drive BAMOBIL analogue
  • 1999 Special units for vehicles
  • 1998 Digital battery drive BAMO-D
  • 1997 Battery drive, digital servo-drive 1st generation
  • 1995 Move back to Nellmersbach, Industriestraße 1
  • 1993 Expansion of the production
  • 1992 UNITEK thyristor drives and servo-drives for DC and EC/AC motors
  • 1991 UNITEK Industrie Elektronik GmbH: Company foundation in Winnenden by Thomas Labod and former executive employees of LABOD Antriebstechnik. Cooperation with LABOD electronic.
  • 1989 Sale of LABOD Antriebstechnik
  • 1988 Division into LABOD electronic (CNC controls) and LABOD Antriebstechnik
  • 1983 Three-phase servo-drives for brushless DC motors
  • 1982 Transistor servo-drives for DC motors
  • 1981 Move to Nellmersbach, Industriestraße 1 (2000qm)
  • 1976 Expanded production in Winnenden-Birkmannsweiler
  • 1974 First CNC micro-processing control for centrifuges
  • 1973 Compact 4-quadrant thyristor servo-drives
  • 1972 Compact 4-quadrant thyristor drives
  • 1971 Thyristor motor drives
  • 1968 Company foundation by Peter Labod in Berglen-Oppelsbohm